Killer Chili

2 alarm (see below)


jalapeno sausage



28oz can tomatoes

14oz can of Rotel Habenara tomatoes

2 cans drained beans of your choice if you so choose

Run this method…all is fine

Ya know that lil pack of crap you get from the market, the 2 alarm stuff? Yeah, just take all that stuff, leave out the salt and mesa, and combine it into one bowl or container, ya don’t need it all.

What I do is combine and place all of it in a shaker type thing and use it later…ya really don’t need all of it, just about half. Makes a nice shake on some chicken or somthin later.

Brown 1lb burger….whilst doin that cube on the jalapeño sausage ya got.

Drain the burg and brown that sausage, when it get a bit frisky add some garlic and a huge onion…Let them get to know each other for about 12 minutes.

Add one  huge cans of tomatoes plus one of the baby cans…let all of that just stew for about 10 minutes the add about half of that 2 alarm we talked about earlier….

Add burger…more jalapeños if needed and just grab a beer and chill for a bit. (ifn ya like beans…give a few minutes before you add them into the mix, Texans don’t think it’s right, but find me one that won’t eat this chili!)


Add some more jalapeños, make some cornbread and just watch the game on TNT…


2 Responses to “Killer Chili”

  1. Cricket Says:

    Dang Brat! Now I am soooooo hungry!

  2. krahmaan Says:

    That’s some good stuff you got cookin’ there Jeff. Almost makes me wanna go back to eating meat. I’ve been having these cravings for something for the good old times. But, I’m still keeping the beast at bay. 😀