Orange-Pineapple Chicken

These pics are bad but it was going really good and I was having fun. That wok was a bubblin’ I tell ya!


3 small chicken breasts
1/2lb fresh green beans
green onion
1 sm can of pineapple, drained


This makes a lot of sauce so add it as you like. Real Chinese food uses sauces sparingly. As Thai goes a bit heavier on the sauce. (That’s how we got the saying ‘Thai’ed one on)

1/4c soy sauce
3/4c pineapple juice
1/2c orange juice
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 serrano


Tip – Let chicken get close to room temp so when you drop in the oil it doesn’t immediately cool down. But don’t leave it out more than 20 minutes.

Season chicken with pepper and cayenne (no need for salt we are using soy later)
Chop garlic and green onions. Save the green parts for garnish.
Combine juices, cornstarch and serrano and let sit for a while to get room temp as well as marinate the serranos.
Clean and trim green beans into 1-2 inch sections and place in a glass bowl with 1/4c water. Microwave 2 minutes. Drain.

Get oil hot in the wok and add chicken. Let sit for a minute and begin stirring until about 1/2 done. Remove.
Drain oil leaving about 1-2 tbsp and add beans, garlic and onions. Stir on a high heat until beans are at the density you like, about 5 minutes.
Add pineapple and stir in sauce and bring to a boil until thick.
Transfer to a large glass bowl.
Serve over rice.


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