Sun Sauce

This is a very basic salsa using only fresh ingredients and minimal seasonings…

1 good size tomato
2 cloves garlic
1 good slice of red onion
1 Serrano pepper
1 stalk of fresh basil
1 wedge of lemon or lime
Olive oil

Since you are using a processor, there is no need to chop stuff up. Just small enough to fit everything into your favorite processor.
Before start up add about a bit of oil…
The reasoning here is that you want the salsa chunky and the less you chop the better…
With one hand use the pulse feature and with the other add oil until you get the consistency you desire…too easy!
Squeeze the lemon or lime to increase the zesty flavor and to deter dis-colorization…
Taste and add salt if desired but I do not recommend it…

This will make a small amount for topping on tacos, but if you want more for chips and such just double.
This stuff is hot! Depending on the size of the pepper used.

Why is this so good?
Plus the basil gives it a more sweet flavor instead of cilantro…


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