Swai Etouffee

Ingredients 1 tbsp oil 4 tbsp butter (1/4c) 1/2 onion 1/4 red pepper 1/4 orange pepper 2 clove garlic 1 jalapeno 4 tbsp flour (4 tbsp equals 1/4 cup – a good roux is 1 to 1 fat/flour) 3 oz tom paste 2c stock Swai filet (or whatever) Method Saute onion in oil and butter […]

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Outdoor Boiled Crawfish – Texas Style!

My uncle Jack was a straight up cajun ‘man’. A man’s man kinda cat, ya heard? One of the coolest guys I ever met too. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. [audio:] When I met him he was a shrimper, welder, horse trainer, hell, he was probably a river boat gambler and a buffalo hunter […]

Friday, February 22nd, 2008